“Ilaria Facci non è indifesa. È coraggiosa; ci affronta a corpo nudo, sottoposto a tensioni, torsioni, contorsioni, in una lontana memoria di Lucien Freud, e in una, più vicina, di Jenny Saville. Quei corpi si decompongono, o sono schiacciati; e resistono. Questi, di Ilaria, si sublimano, si trasfigurano, si fanno anime, come la Pietà Rondanini, sublime ultimo pensiero di Michelangelo; o foglie, come nell’Apollo e Dafne di Bernini […]”.       (Vittorio Sgarbi)

My Story
I’m Ilaria Facci, I’m an Italian artist & Cancer Survivor, Activist for Human Rights and traveler.

Milano. “Think Positive!” Exhibition curated by Fabrizio Sclavi e Federico Poletti at Corso Como 10 with Gian Paolo Barbieri, Maria Vittoria Backhaus, Maurizio Galimberti, Giovanni Gastel, Piero Gemelli, Alessandra Spranzi, Oliviero Toscani, Paolo Ventura, Paolo Zambaldi, Max Zambelli, Stefano Zarpellon ed Efisio Rocco Marras.
Urbino. “Dialoghi sulla Sofferenza” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi at Palazzo Ducale.

London. “Oxo Tower” Exhibition, curated by Leila Bibizadeh.
Genoa. “Fragile” Exhibition, curated by Benedetta Sagnuolo at Meseoteatro della Commenda di Pre’.
Terni. “Enredadas” promoted by UNESCO 21st-28th May, curated by Katia Pangrazi.
Paris. “Street Sans Frontieres”, curated by Martin Vegas.
Riposto. “Lieu/ Non Lieu”, curated by Benedetta Spagnuolo at Palazzo Vigo.
London. ‘Flux’ Exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts, curated by Lisa Gray.
Rome. “Il sé allo specchio. Autoritratti fotografici” exhibition, at Arte Fuori Centro.

London. “Brick Lane Sunday Market”.
Rome. Exhibition at Galleria La Pigna curated by Jiselda Salbu.
Paris. “Cultural Exchange of Arts and XVI Salon Premiè International “Art dèpasse monde – Expo” Carrousel du Luvre, curated by Jiselda Salbu .
Brescia. “PhotograpHER” Exhibition, curated by Cinzia Battagliola and featuring works from J.M.Cameron, Ruth Bernard, Diane Arbus, Francesca Woodman, Cindy Sherman, Annie Leibovitz, Vanessa Beecroft, Marina Abramovic, Shirin Neshat, Nan Goldin, Sarah Moon. At Spazio Contemporanea.
Perugia. Solo exhibition “Autoscatti Sbagliati” at Spazio Calisti, curated by Simona Calisti, in collaboration with the Italian charity AIGR (Italian Association of parents of children affected by cancer Retinoblastoma).

2017. Cover of the album “Surfacing to breathe” by the band Clustersun

2017. Bagheria. “Premio Internazionale Novecento”, international award dedicated to Renato Guttuso. Cured by Paolo Levi.
2016. Rome.  Price “Photography” at the XXIII International cultural Exchange of art, curated by Jiselda Salbu.

I was born in Rome, in 1982.
In 1984, at the age of two, I suffered from Retinoblastoma – a rare type of cancer developing from immature cells of the retina – in my left eye, which I subsequently lost.
In 1992 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my mother and sister.
In 2000 I returned in Rome, and I studied at the “Accademia di costume e Moda”.
In 2007 I pursued a Master in Marketing and Communication at IED (European Institute of Design).
In 2008 I started a BA in Cinema, Art and Music at the Roma3 University in Rome, which I left the following year to move to Barcelona where I worked as an event planner.
In 2010 I moved to Milan, and I began to work as a Stylist and Costume Designer. During this period I worked with important names such as the photographer Mustafa Sabbagh, for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, and for international brands as L’Oreal and Nikon.
In 2012 I moved for a few months in Armenia while working as a stylist for Cosmopolitan, before moving back to Milan.
In 2013 I left Milan and my job in Fashion to move to London and pursue a career as an artist, focusing solely on photography as a form of art and self-discovery and self-expression.
From 2014 I started to appear with my series “Autoscatti Sbagliati” (“Wrong self-portraits”) and “Retinoblastoma” in Arts and Photography magazines such as Kritikaonline, VOGUE.IT, INSIDE ART, Untitled Magazine, The Post Internazionale, Vanity Fair, and Wall Street International.
In 2015 I started the project “Artists against Cancer” with the aim of involving artists and create artistic initiatives to raise awareness and funds for research against cancer.
In 2016 my work is futured on the prestigious Italian photography magazine Il Fotografo.
I live and work in London.